Every single day, people discard unwanted items such as plastics, cardboards, broken toys, food containers, leftover food, and much more. This is just in a home setting. What about the factories, big malls, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial buildings?

Can you imagine the trash that the whole world has every day? There is a lot! This is why people are encouraged to recycle those things that can still be used, and properly dispose of those that really needed to be thrown away. And since commercial establishments produce the most number of garbage, rules on how to eliminate solid wastes in buildings have been created.

Improper disposal of wastes

Sad to say, but there are still many people who do not follow the right way to get rid of their junks. It seems like that they don’t care about their environment. They don’t realize that improper disposal of wastes not only affects Mother Nature, but can also cause several diseases. All of which are serious threats.


jhfjhf875The biggest effect of improper garbage disposal is pollution. It can contaminate the different bodies of water, as well as the land and air. The wastes that get thrown on the river, lake, or ocean can contaminate the water and alter its chemical composition. This, in turn, will affect plants and animals that live under water.

Moreover, chemicals that are not disposed of properly can contaminate the soil. This will then be absorbed by the plants. And if humans eat them, there will be adverse effects on their health. As for polluted air, it can cause various respiratory problems once inhaled by human beings.

As you can see, improper garbage disposal has a domino effect, and it will always bounce back to us, humans. With that said, all of us should be responsible enough when getting rid of our garbage.

Proper ways to eliminate your trash

hjfhjf875There are simple things that can be done to ensure proper garbage disposal. First off, you have to segregate your trash. Pick those things that are still reusable as this will significantly reduce the number of your solid wastes. Make sure that you separate those that are biodegradable from the non-biodegradable. In your home, you can put three trash cans, so it will be easier for you to segregate.

Also, it is important that you are aware of the schedule as to when the garbage trucks will come by and pick up the wastes. Take your garbage out according to the schedule.