Top Myths Vs. Facts About Crossbows You Should Know

Hunting with a crossbow is undoubtedly more fun than using a conventional vertical bow. Likewise, more people are now using the crossbow for sports as well either for fun or competitions. No wonder! The demand for crossbows have increased, and thus we see more sellers online. The crossbow review websites have also increased with the aim of enlightening people and directing them to the best sellers. For instance, one can check the wicked ridge invader g3 reviews together with more others from the Internet today before making the right decision.

However, people still have numerous myths about the crossbow, and this can affect their acceptance of these tools. Consequently, they miss the fun. Below are the top myths people have about them and the underlying facts to remove the doubts.

Top myths vs. facts about crossbows

Myth: Crossbows shoot faster than a vertical bow

Facts: The only leverage one has while using a crossbow is that the mechanism holds the bow in position for you. However, according to tests carried out on the speed of shooting, it was identified that both of these tools have the same power. People should not be mistaken that one is faster than the other. What matters is the draw weight which applies to both.


Myth: A crossbow is a tool for poachers

Fact: Most people still believe that owning a crossbow is a crime since they are tools for poachers. No! As a matter of fact, poaching activity is what is wrong and not the weapons that are used to kill the poor animals. Additionally, a crossbow is a not efficient to use when one is riding in a vehicle making its use a poaching tool. Finally, the fact that it is a short range shooting device keeps it out of use in this activity.

Myth: Crossbows shoot and kill like guns

Facts: Do not be mistaken that a crossbow will give you the experience of a gun while you go hunting. While they have their package of fun, they cannot be equated to guns. One main difference is that a gun bullet starts to lose velocity at above 100 yards while a crossbow loses at 30 yards. The second difference is that a gun kills through shock while a crossbow kills through hemorrhage.



With the tips discussed above, any person who had a different view about the crossbows can now understand better. They are useful tools in hunting and sports with their pros and cons.…

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